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Enligne : FAQ
For how long does the Platform exist ?
The consulting firm that created the website exists since 1996.
The internet Platform Enlign started in 1999 to support the needs of the firm's clients. It then took off progressively. The consulting firm that created Enligne has been exclusively managing the website since 2004.
What's the daily number of visitors of your websites ?
Combined, all our websites are visited by more than 300 000 persons every day.
It is complicated to know how many visitors each website receive:
- In most cases, a visitor goes from one website to another. This visitor should be attributed to one of those websites in particular and we don't have this particuliar option.
- If we multiply the number of visitors by the number of visits of each website, we would obtain gigantics figures that wouldn't quite represent reality.
Will my offer be posted on several websites? How do I proceed to do so ?
When you post a job, it is automatically posted on all webistes corresponding to your search. The system takes into account the keywords contained in the field "Title of your post" and, for demanders only, "Current position" and "Position sought"
. The repartition on several websites optimizes the publication of your post.
How many freelance workers are registered on the website ?
Our database contains more than 20,000 CVs of freelance workers.
What’s your relationship with freelance workers ?
We are detecting projects for freelance workers.
They register on our websites for free.
When an assignment offer is sent to us and validated we post it on our websites and send e-mail alerts to freelances corresponding to the profile and registered in our database.
We sell the contact details of the contractor of the assignment to the freelance for 75€ (exclusive of tax). This service is free for contractors.
The freelance then gets in touch with the contractor directly.
How long do you keep freelances’ CVs in your database ?
The updating of a CV is not the same question for freelance workers as for job seekers.
A job seeker may not be available anymore once he found a job. The storage life of his CV is relatively short as it lasts only the time he seeks a job.
A freelance worker can keep his CV for several years. His know-how will always be the same, no matter the number of assignments he accepted between his registration and the moment his record is checked.
Therefore, a CV's date of registration isn't often very representative of the state of his search.
I’m interested in several profiles. Do I need to complete a form for each profile?
It is not necessary to complete several forms for the same assignment. You just have to choose the profile corresponding the most to your need and fill in the form below the CV. Make sure to formulate a clear text describing the context of the assignment, its objective, location and constraints.
Call us once you completed the form.
We will then publish your offer and send email alerts to all profiles corresponding to your search.
When will the freelance expert I chose contact me ?
This is the way we proceed once you called to validate your offer:
- We post your offer on our websites
- We send e-mail alerts to all freelance experts corresponding to your search
- When an expert confirms us that he is interested in the assignment and available, we call you at the number you entered in the form to make sure that your assignment is still topical and has not been filled yet.
- If it is still topical, we send your contact details to the freelance expert.
- He then gets in touch with you and you deal with him directly.
Why do I have to call after I filled in the form for an assignment offer?
We observed that assignment offerers who do not call to confirm their need do not give much importance to the assignment. It then makes it difficult for us to reach them on the phone.
The fact that the contractor calls us is a token of the seriousness of his need.
I saw a post on a search engine but I can not find it again on your website. Why?
Our websites are constantly updated by users, offerers, seekers, and ourselves.
The main search engines save or update close to 100,000 pages a day.
The various search engines permanently store hundreds of millions of pages from our websites.
When a post is removed from our websites, it may not immediately be taken into account by search engines.
That is why it still appears on search engines but not on our websites anymore.
Ed. note: We acknowledge the efficiency of most search engines which need 4 to 72 hours to detect changes saved on our websites.
I do not have any e-mail address. How do I proceed?
You do not have any e-mail address and you wish to use our services (for an offer or a demand).
You need a valid email address to use our services as you will receive essential information for your registration.
There are several free services allowing you to create an email address on which you can receive emails using any browser.
Gmail: Google's webmail
Hotmail: Hotmail's webmail Yahoo's Webmail (warning : there are frequently sending problems) La Poste's webmail
This is a non-exhaustive list.
It occurs that we notice some functioning problems with the providers of these services. When it occurs, it will be indicated here.