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Enligne : FAQ
For how long does the Platform exist ?
The consulting firm that created the website exists since 1996.
The internet Platform Enlign started in 1999 to support the needs of the firm's clients. It then took off progressively. The consulting firm that created Enligne has been exclusively managing the website since 2004.
What's the daily number of visitors of your websites ?
Combined, all our websites are visited by more than 300 000 persons every day.
It is complicated to know how many visitors each website receive:
- In most cases, a visitor goes from one website to another. This visitor should be attributed to one of those websites in particular and we don't have this particuliar option.
- If we multiply the number of visitors by the number of visits of each website, we would obtain gigantics figures that wouldn't quite represent reality.
How many CVs do you have in your databases ?
Considérant que trouver un cv au milieu de plusieurs millions de cv revient à rechercher une aiguille dans une botte de foin, nous privilégions un principe qui repose sur l'entretien d'une base de données à un niveau qualitatif et constant. Nos bases de données comptent :
100.000 cv de demandeurs d'emploi
75.000 cv de stagiaires
25.000 cv d'indépendants
Le pack Annonce et le pack Intégral donnent accès aux 100.000 cv de demandeurs d'emploi et aux 75.000 cv de demandeurs de stages.
Le pack stagiaire donne accès au 75.000 cv de stagiaires.
Notre service vous permet de voir, avant l'achat de nos services, si nos bases de données comportent déjà des cv qui vous intéressent.
How long do you keep CVs for candidates in your databases and how do you make sure that they are still topical ?
All the CVs are less than 8 months old.
Every day, we inform applicants about the new offers posted on our websites.
We invite them to apply to these offers or to remove their CV if they are not seeking a job anymore.
If we do not get any answer, their CV will be removed from our databases.
Will my offer be posted on several websites? How do I proceed to do so ?
When you post a job, it is automatically posted on all webistes corresponding to your search. The system takes into account the keywords contained in the field "Title of your post" and, for demanders only, "Current position" and "Position sought"
. The repartition on several websites optimizes the publication of your post.
How can I access the complete CVs of applicants who replied to my job offer ?
When a job seeker replies to your ad, you will receive an e-mail alert. To access the complete CV (with contact details) you need to register and create a customer account.
This service is charged.
How can I test your services ?
Two solutions allow you to test our services:
Our search engine of anonymous CVs allows you to evaluate the quality of our CV library. It gives you the possibility to check the number of CVs corresponding to your search and their complete profile (except contact details) before ordering a Pack.
The Test Pack allows you to post an anonymous job offer.
It gives you the possibility to see the anonymous CVs of applicants to your offer. If these CVs meet your demand, you can then order one of our Packs to access the applicants' contact details.
NB: - We do not offer any test solution allowing to access the complete CV library (i.e. with contact details) for free.
- We do not post jobs of some recruitment agencies which promote the free posting of jobs on our websites for their customers and never buy any Pack.
Why are your services so inexpensive? Does this difference of rates conceal a gap in quality of the service?
We observed that some other websites of the job market charge exorbitant prices. We think that this service is based on providing an information.
We wished to make this mean of supplying informations more accessible and therefore chose to set reasonable prices for employers, independently from the type of job to fill.
By increasing the number of our websites, our company is in constant expansion. This allows us to maintain our prices which have never been raised.
We provide the same service as our competitors, regarding the level of visitors as well as the nature of the services we provide. However, you are free to pay more for the same service by our competitors.
How can I simply access the CV library without posting an ad ?
To access the CV library without posting an ad, you need to order a Single Post Pack for the time of your choice.
When filling in the registration form, in the thrid part ("Your Post") enter "not disclosed" in all fields.
How can I quickly activate my customer account ?
You can create a customer account in a few minutes by following 3 steps:
1. Fill in the form of the Pack your chose and validate it,
2. Once the form validated, it will be displayed and it will contain the informations you previously supplied. Print and sign the contract, and send it by one of the means indicated on top of it.
3. You can pay online by credit card through our secure payment system.
As soon as we receive your signed contract and the online payment, we will send you the activation link of your account as well as an invoice by e-mail.
Can I updtae my offer once it is online ? How ?
Yes, you can change the text of your offer while it is online during the whole period of your Pack:
- If you are not sure about the text of your offer,
- If the candidates who apply to your offer do not really correspond to the profile you seek,
- If your definition of the profile or the job has changed...
We are at your disposal to help you improve the text of your offer for free.
For any changes, please contact us by phone and we will give you an e-mail address to send your demand to.
In the e-mail you will send, please indicate:
In the object field: the name of your company and the last name of the person who posted the job,
In the body of the mail : the new text of your offer which will replace the current one.
Once I purchased a Pack, can I change it for a longer period of time ?
If you wish to change your Pack for a longer one in the 2 following days after its purchase, you will only pay the price difference between the two Packs.
Can you give me some advices for the writing of my job offer ?
We are at your disposal to advise you when writing your job offer.
However, before calling, you need to enter at least the basis of your text in the registration form, according to the following scheme:
Presentation of the company: size, age, business sector…
Job to fill: working context, level of responsibilities, eventual challenges or career opportunities, development opportunities…
Advantages: salary, profit sharing, bonuses, advantages, company car, cell phone…
Geographical location of the job: eventual advantages in terms of quality of life in the region, available services…
Required skills.
Remember: you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be appealing ! You will get the employees you deserve.
Don’t be too demanding, and let yourself be surprised by the richness and diversity of applicants and what they can bring to you...
How do you make yourself known?
The increasing reputation of our websites is due to various elements:
- the relevance of the content of our websites,
- the good referencing on search engines,
- the excellence Policy of the websites, which we improve every day,
- our financing system which allows us not to clutter up the pages with advertisment,
- the reactivity of our system
- our competitive rates,
- and finally, the word-of-mouth influence as a result of the previous factors.
How can I be sure the job seeker is still looking for a job when purchasing a single CV ?
When ordering a single CV, you need to fill in the form below the CV, and send us the signed contract as well as your payment.
As soon as we receive these elements, we call the job seeker to make sure he is still looking for a job.
If he is still seeking a job, you will receive the complete CV by email as well as your invoice.
If he is not looking for a job anymore, there are 2 solutions:
Either we proceed to an exchange if you find another CV corresponding to your needs
Or we cancel your order and your payment.
This procedure, though a bit heavy, is meant to guarantee the reliability of the information we are selling.
The Single Post Pack and the Complete Pack give you access to the whole CV Library for less than the price of 2 CVs.
Why don't you publish some job offers of the Test Pack ?
Free job ads in some demanded fields attract a great number of applicants. However, these posts loose productivity in the sectors of activity experiencing a labour shortage.
The profusion of job offers in “critical” fields generates demands which do not correspond to urgent needs. These demanders often have a job and just wait to find “something better” if a good opportunity arises. Their activity doesn’t leave them much time to apply for job offers.
In the face of this kind of attitude, often marked by a certain detachment, companies who wish to recruit in these fields have to use more active canvassing methods. They need to come up to demanders and make more attractive propositions.
Consequently, our free service of job posting is not open to some fields.
In this case, we recommend employers to use one Single Post Pack, which gives access to the whole CV-library and allows a follow-up of your offer.
I have found an anonymous CV on the website andI have a customer account. How can I access the complete CV?
You have to note the code of the CV (random alphanumeric code).
Copy and paste the code in the "Keywords" field of the search engine from your customer account, and click on "Search".
If you printed the CV and can not copy and paste the code, only enter the 5 or 6 firts characters of the code in the "Keywords" field, and click on "Search".
The search engine will automatically find the CV.
If your search shows no result, it means that the CV has been removed in the meantime.
I saw a post on a search engine but I can not find it again on your website. Why?
Our websites are constantly updated by users, offerers, seekers, and ourselves.
The main search engines save or update close to 100,000 pages a day.
The various search engines permanently store hundreds of millions of pages from our websites.
When a post is removed from our websites, it may not immediately be taken into account by search engines.
That is why it still appears on search engines but not on our websites anymore.
Ed. note: We acknowledge the efficiency of most search engines which need 4 to 72 hours to detect changes saved on our websites.
How can I optimize the referencing of my offer on the websites?
We highly advise you to optimize the referencing of ad post on our websites.
To do so, there are 3 essential elements to take into account: the number of keywords, the relevance of keywords, and the updating of your post.
- Increase the number of keywords: the form contains several fields allowing you to describe the job to fill, and gives you the possibility to put a title on your offer. Use these different fields to enter various keywords (try to think about the vocabulary the job seeker may use when searching job offers).
- Use appropriate keywords: try to use relevant and precise keywords, and avoid using abbreviations and acronyms. For example, use “Human resources” rather than “HR” which is not relevant enough, as it can be contained in several other acronyms; be as precise as possible. Besides, do not enter what you are not looking for, as it will appear in the field as a keyword and be taken into account in search engines.
- Update your post on a regular basis: every time you update your post, it will figure again among the 10 most recent offers and new email alerts are sent to the job seekers of our database. We recommend you to update your post once a week.
All posts on the websites’ homepages, the lists of applicants and the results of search engines are presented by chronological order, with the most recent ones (or updated most recently) appearing first.
I just ordered a Single Post Pack. When will I receive the access keys to my customer account ?
You sent the signed contract and you paid online by credit card.
As soon as we validated your payment, you will receive an e-mail called "Activation of your customer account", and containing a direct link to your customer panel. Keep this link during the whole time of validity of your Pack.
You will receive at the same time another email containing your invoice.
You sent the signed contract and posted your cheque.
As soon as we receive your cheque, you will receive an e-mail called "Activation of your customer account", and containing a direct link to your customer panel. Keep this link during the whole time of validity of your Pack.
You will receive at the same time another email containing your invoice.
You sent the signed contract and are proceeding to a bank transfer.
As soon as we get the confirmation from our bank, you will receive an e-mail called "Activation of your customer account", and containing a direct link to your customer panel. Keep this link during the whole time of validity of your Pack.
You will receive at the same time another email containing your invoice.
I do not have any e-mail address. How do I proceed?
You do not have any e-mail address and you wish to use our services (for an offer or a demand).
You need a valid email address to use our services as you will receive essential information for your registration.
There are several free services allowing you to create an email address on which you can receive emails using any browser.
Gmail: Google's webmail
Hotmail: Hotmail's webmail Yahoo's Webmail (warning : there are frequently sending problems) La Poste's webmail
This is a non-exhaustive list.
It occurs that we notice some functioning problems with the providers of these services. When it occurs, it will be indicated here.