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Young graduate - Offer in Biotechnology

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Diploma Bachelor HES-SO Life Technology: Biotechnology Guidance 2010
Bachelor Project: Clonage dans une bactérie d’Escherichia coli de l’opéron ped codant pour un peptide Antimicrobien
Principal method used: Culture E. coli, DNA preparation with Invitrogen column, electrophoresis, enzymatic digestion, transformation with calcium chloride and utilisation of bioinformatics online programs.

> Diploma EDD: Option Health 2006

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Dear, Madam, Sir,

I am Bachelor of Science of the Hes-so (Valais / Wallis), Biotechnology guidance. My current aim is to find an internship without or a low salary for a period of approximately 6 months or more (until 1 year) in a company to acquire new experiences.
My passion for biotechnology is enormous. I am wishing to join a leading group in the area, and thus be able to apply my newly acquired knowledge. I learn very fast and hope know more. I am a man ...